Why Isushi is always a reliable choice for meals.

When it comes to Japanese cuisine, you might immediately think of beautifully arranged sushi and sashimi, known for their delicious and nutritious flavors. However, these dishes can be quite pricey, and many diners feel a lingering sense of longing after indulging in Japanese food, not fully satisfied. Visit Isushi to enjoy a diverse menu of fresh and delicious sushi and sashimi without worrying about the price.

Experience the authentic Japanese ambiance at Isushi

As soon as you step into the restaurant, you’ll be impressed by its distinctly Japanese decor, dominated by wooden furniture and traditional design elements. You’ll feel completely comfortable and relaxed after a hard day’s work in the cozy atmosphere at Isushi.

The restaurant’s space is diverse with various types of seating arrangements to meet every diner’s needs. To accentuate the serene wooden scenery, the place cleverly places refreshing flower pots, creating a soothing and pleasant atmosphere.

Additionally, the restaurant also serves private rooms for diners seeking privacy, suitable for family meals, gatherings with friends, business meetings… These private rooms are designed in a distinctive Japanese style, with sliding wooden doors and low tables. From communal spaces to private areas, Isushi is sure to satisfy you. Whether you’re looking for an ideal relaxation spot after exhausting workdays or planning a birthday party, gathering, or hosting an important guest, choosing Isushi is a decision that won’t disappoint you.

Isushi – Over 100 delicious dishes, essence from the Land of the Rising Sun Names like sushi, sashimi, tempura… are certainly not unfamiliar to fans of Japanese cuisine, and when you come to Isushi, you’ll experience all the quintessential Japanese flavors.

A feast full of aromatic and appetizing dishes that will make you unable to resist

Isushi offers diners a diverse menu from appetizers to main courses. Starting the feast are enticing appetizers that can tantalize your taste buds, such as traditional miso soup, flavorful seafood soup… or potato salad, seaweed salad, salmon salad with tartar sauce… Don’t forget to add Japanese edamame – different from Vietnamese edamame with a richer, nuttier flavor, these are not only delicious but also highly nutritious, and salt-roasted gingko nuts – unique dishes that you shouldn’t miss to enrich your dining table.

Moving on to the main course menu, Isushi unveils a dazzling, colorful feast that exudes the flavors of two signature dishes of Japanese cuisine – sushi and sashimi. When you visit the restaurant, you’ll enjoy fresh and delicious dishes, prepared by the talented and experienced chef Noda Toshiro, renowned in the culinary world. Not only does Isushi offer high-quality sashimi varieties like oysters, octopus, tuna… but it also satisfies diners’ taste buds with 57 eye-catching sushi types, including Spicy Gunkan Sushi, Tuna Inari Sushi with mayonnaise, California Handroll Sushi.

Ending the feast with a flavorful and steaming hot pot is incomparable! The hot pot broth at Isushi is diverse, catering to every diner’s palate, whether it’s miso hot pot, mushroom hot pot, or chanko hot pot… Chanko hot pot is an ideal suggestion with its refreshing taste, perfect after enjoying sushi, sashimi, grilled dishes, ensuring a harmonious meal without feeling overwhelmed.

May 8, 2024

By Quang Tran Duy

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