Explore Thai cuisine at Mama Restaurant

Mama Restaurant, though designed in the style of Western villas, is renowned for its Thai cuisine. This seemingly contradictory combination creates a harmonious overall experience. Let’s explore the distinctive flavors of Thai cuisine here!

Located at 33 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, District 1 – one of the central streets of Saigon, Mama Restaurant boasts a modern style with spacious grounds reminiscent of Western villas. Its elegant blend of colors fills the air with romance while exuding sophistication and freshness, providing a comfortable ambiance for diners.

Mama Restaurant – An ideal destination to savor Thai cuisine Specializing in Thai dishes, complemented by delicacies from countries like Korea, Japan, and China, Mama Restaurant has become a premium dining spot for many patrons. Whether it’s for a romantic date, family gathering, or business meeting, Mama Restaurant is the perfect choice.

Let’s explore the menu of Mama Restaurant to see what exquisite dishes attract so many diners!

Characterized by Thai cuisine, Mama Restaurant is considered a top Thai restaurant in Saigon. Once you step into Mama Restaurant, you cannot miss out on enticing dishes like Pad Thai, son-in-law eggs, Thai fried rice, or the famous Tom Yum hotpot.

Firstly, when you open the menu, you’ll undoubtedly be curious about the son-in-law eggs. Why such a whimsical name? According to “legend,” this dish is a test given by mothers-in-law to their sons-in-law during their first meeting. Whether this dish originates from that tradition or not, its playful name certainly intrigues everyone to explore.

Despite its novelty, this dish is quite simple to prepare. Boiled eggs are fried until crispy on the outside, then split in half and drizzled with a tangy tamarind sauce, which perfectly balances the sweet and sour flavors, enhancing the richness of the eggs, making it both palatable and intriguing.

The famous Pad Thai from the land of the Golden Temple cannot be overlooked at Mama Restaurant. This dish was ranked 5th among the 50 most delicious dishes in the world by CNN in 2011. It’s not without reason that Pad Thai is so beloved. Let’s find out what makes this dish so irresistible.

Pad Thai is essentially a Thai-style seafood stir-fried noodle dish – a famous Bangkok street food. At Mama Restaurant, Pad Thai is prepared according to traditional methods to deliver the most authentic flavor. The dish is always balanced with sour, spicy, salty, sweet, and bitter tastes. Therefore, to add bitterness to Pad Thai, chefs at the restaurant incorporate banana flowers and some lime slices for a natural sour taste. When eating Pad Thai, you’ll also have a condiment tray including sugar, fish sauce, chili, etc., to adjust according to your taste preferences.

The dishes not only ensure authentic Thai flavors but also boast appealing presentation.

If you’re a seafood lover, you can’t miss out on the refreshing raw oysters. The raw oysters at Mama Restaurant are uniquely prepared and of high quality. The oysters are always chilled with a layer of ice underneath, ensuring freshness and coolness. Sweet and tender oysters are combined with raw fish eggs, quail eggs, and some finely chopped greens, presenting an enticing dish. You can also add some crispy fried basil and Mama Restaurant’s signature sashimi sauce. The fusion of richness with spicy flavors brings a new and unique taste to the dish.

When dining with friends or family at Mama Restaurant, if you don’t order a Tom Yum hotpot, it would be a missed opportunity, as this dish was ranked 8th among the 50 most delicious and popular dishes in the world by CNN.

In addition to these enticing dishes, you can also indulge in other famous dishes like grilled beef with Thai sauce, fried rice, mango sticky rice, or spicy salads that carry the distinctive flavors of the land of the Golden Temple.

The average price at Mama Restaurant is relatively high, ranging from 350,000 to 380,000 VND per person. However, to experience authentic Thai flavors in a modern and luxurious setting, it’s well worth it, isn’t it?

April 23, 2024

By Quang Tran Duy

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