Drinking – A distinctive cultural characteristic of Saigonese people

Saigon is still dubbed as the “city that never sleeps,” because from early morning until late at night, the bustling sounds of buyers and sellers continue relentlessly. This city is renowned for its rich culinary scene and modern culture. Drinking is a distinctive cultural feature of Saigon, unlike anywhere else.

Saigonese people are known for their hospitality and openness. Not only that, the city is also hailed as the paradise of Vietnamese cuisine because, despite its relatively short history, all culinary essences have flourished here. The character of the people combined with the richness of cuisine has formed a unique cultural trait of Saigonese people: the drinking culture.

Mentioning the drinking culture immediately brings to mind Saigonese people.

When you come to Saigon – the city that never sleeps, especially at night, you cannot help but be amazed by the numerous drinking spots stretching from small alleys to main streets. This glamorous city welcomes friends with inquiries laid out on dining tables. Saigon’s drinking culture has its own charm, generosity, vibrancy, and splendor. Saigonese people don’t confine themselves to any standard on the drinking table; anywhere can be a place for drinking, but they prefer spacious garden spaces with simple scenery.

Saigonese people have a professional way of drinking, as evidenced by the bustling presence of hundreds of large drinking spots, both in scale and quality. Their drinking style is casual, very simple; sometimes just a simple hotpot, a few dishes, and a few cups of alcohol turn into a grand feast. What they value most at the drinking table is enthusiasm, solidarity, and sincerity rather than the sophistication of food and drink. The drinking culture in Saigon does not differ much across social classes. From workers, officials, to business people, everyone can open up their hearts, “drink to the bottom” in the alcohol gathering. That’s why Saigonese people have a very Saigonese personality, without fussiness, without extravagant ceremonies; they live, enjoy life to the fullest.

Meeting acquaintances: drink; meeting strangers: invite them to drink first, then get acquainted later. Therefore, Saigonese people seem to express themselves most fully, most passionately in drinking sessions. There are hundreds of reasons why someone might invite you to a drinking session: meeting old friends, celebrating vegetarian festivals, weddings, funerals, happy or sad occasions, finishing work hours, colleagues relaxing together; having guests at home means drinking… Anyone who doesn’t want to drink is considered “not joining in,” “not being part of the group,” belonging to the “need to be cautious” category…

Saigonese people see drinking as a special form of communication, a way to express affection, hospitality, or their own culture. Although “night-long parties” sometimes bring a bit of “trouble” when they end, nonetheless, these drinking sessions bring people closer together, strengthen relationships, increase love, and attachment to the vibrant land and values of life.

Visit Póc – Grilled & Beer to experience the paradise of drinking culture

When talking about Saigon, people immediately think of the rich drinking tables. It’s easy to find restaurants, drinking spots here, but not every place will satisfy you. PasGo will suggest an ideal place for you. Visit Póc – Grilled & Beer to experience a huge menu of drinking dishes and enjoy the spacious atmosphere! Just stepping into the restaurant, you will surely be delighted by the open space here, which allows you to have comfortable moments with friends and family. The highlight of Póc’s space is the simple, youthful wooden tables and chairs, along with impressive slogan paintings that make everyone feel familiar when they come here.

Along with the spacious, airy space, the restaurant also has 8 VIP rooms serving those who need privacy and do not want to be affected by surrounding dining tables. Not only that, the private rooms are also suitable for birthday parties or family gatherings on weekends.

Browsing through the menu, you will be amazed by the variety of dishes, from playful grilled dishes to satisfying ones, along with many delicious beers, satisfying all drinking needs. Every dish looks enticing; just looking at them makes you want to try the whole menu, whether it’s grilled pig cartilage, rolled snails with pork fat, smoked duck breast, grilled cheese mussels, grilled cheese oysters, or grilled fish skin with shrimp paste sauce,… or various steamed, fried, and stir-fried dishes… Enjoying delicious dishes with a few glasses of beer: HoeGaarden, Budweiser, Beck’s, Heineken, or Tiger, Saigon, Singha after stressful work hours, tiredness with friends, and family is incomparable!

When you come to Póc, don’t forget to enjoy the grilled pig cartilage, each piece of cartilage is fragrant and attractive, just looking at it makes you unable to resist. Crispy pork cartilage is carefully marinated with fragrant lemongrass and ginger, when dipped in shrimp paste sauce, mixed with tamarind, topped with peanuts, it’s unbeatable. Remember to drink it with a few glasses of beer to make the dish even more delicious!

April 22, 2024

By Quang Tran Duy

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